• ATI Microfiber Emergency Blanket - Orange - Each


    ATI Microfiber Emergency Blanket - Orange - Each


    Available in hi-vis Emergency Orange

    Emergencies are bad enough, why add to your discomfort by wrapping yourself up in a cold, and crinkly, foil blanket when you can have the soft, warmth and comfort of microfiber. Only the ATI Microfiber Emergency Blanket incorporates the science of microfiber to keep you warm and comfortable. Microfiber technology makes it possible to produce a soft, fleecy, comfortable blanket that folds down to the size of a paperback book (9" x 6" x ¾") and weighs just over one pound. You will be amazed when you touch and feel the softness of the blanket for the very first time. The ATI Microfiber Emergency Blanket comes in its own carry pouch for easy storage in a 72 hour kit, travel bag, backpack or briefcase. The carry pouch has ample room to store other related emergency items such as a small flashlight, Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets or a Frontier Emergency Water Filter all together in one convenient location. Great for Grab and Go situations.

    Not Just for Emergencies. Use the blanket to keep you warm and cozy in the car or RV, on the plane, or even while you watch TV. The ATI Microfiber Emergency Blanket can be machine washed, dried and re-used over and over without sacrificing warmth, comfort or softness. Because microfiber is highly absorbent, the ATI Emergency Blanket can also be used as a towel.

    Microfiber is the key to the incredible warmth and softness of the ATI Emergency Blanket. The microfiber material used in the ATI Emergency Blanket is lint free, and incorporates millions of microscopic pores within the fibers. This is what gives our blanket its incredible warmth and softness. The ability to trap air in the microscopic pores creates an insulating barrier between you and the elements. The extra tight weave allows the blanket to fold into a compact bundle and also prevents penetration by harsh wind or breezes. The ATI Microfiber Emergency Blanket can be used in conjunction with reflective blankets, tarps or ponchos for added protection from the elements. Place the ATI blanket between you and the reflective blanket, tarp or poncho to keep you dry and to create a soft insulating layer between you and the outside word.

    The science of color is also a consideration in the design of the ATI Microfiber Emergency Blanket. Emergency Orange is highly visible even in varying light conditions and can aid rescue workers in locating you when time is of the essence. 

    • Microfiber technology warmth and softness in the size of a paperback book. 
    • Dimensions: 62" x 80" (open)
    • Light weight (1 lbs 5 oz.) and Compact (9" x 6" x ¾" folded), Fits easily in 72 hour kits, automobile or RV glove box, backpack, travel bag or briefcase.
    • Reusable storage pouch - Great for Grab and Go situations as well as a carrier for other essential items.
    • Available in hi-vis Emergency Orange.
    • Other uses include: highly absorbent towel, scratch free lens cleaning cloth, sleeping bag insert, etc.